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Exquisite materials for perfect furniture need care and maintenance.


LEATHER | Leather is a valuable part of nature with very special properties. It is a soft, supple and touchable treasure. It breathes, ages and when treated properly, even gains in beauty over time.
The type of leather used for a specific product depends on the unique properties of the leather and on customer requests.

FABRICS | Upholstered furniture of Neue Wiener Werkstätte is available in various textile covers of the highest quality as regards design and durability. The key selection criterion is the visual impact - both on the furniture and as part of the living environment. Haptics also play an important role when selecting fabrics.

WOOD | The natural material wood is an important element of our Modern and Classic collections. Its characteristic grains give the furniture its individual character. Many of our products are available in numerous types of wood and various surface finishings.